Sontec Success Stories

Following are a few of our client's stories. We have received these in handwritten format, but for your convenience and also to protect our client's privacy, you can find them typed below.

Dear Alfonso,
My hearing aids are a great help in relieving my problems. They work well and are easy to use. Thank you for the help and advice you gave me before recommending them.

Mrs H.W. Costa del Sol

Since receiving her new hearing aids from Sontec Hearing Centres, my mother is now able to socialise, she takes more interest in her surroundings and is more aware of what's going on.
Her confidence levels being re-established. No longer detached.

T.V. sound levels are now at a more normal level, at least now my ears aren't being damaged and the neighbours aren't complaining.

My mother's hearing loss is severe/profound, these new SONTEC hearing aids give her incredible support. Her hearing can never be perfect. But the aids have given her back a good quality of life. She wears both aids as they are so small, unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.

P.M. Costa del Sol

I recently bought a hearing aid from Sontec. I am really delighted with it as I can now follow the TV without subtitles as I had before. I can also follow a friend's conversation even when they are part of a group. It is really comfortable to wear, so you can forget it's in your ear. No-one would guess you are using a hearing aid, as it's discreetly hidden in the ear. I would recommend one to my friends.

Mrs P.H. Costa del Sol

Just a note to tell you how delighted we are with the hearing aids you supplied for Brian my husband.
What a difference this has made to our lives. What technology has done is unbelievable - these antenna have been well and truly road tested in all sorts of environments. Noisy garages where vehicle exhausts were revving and I couldn't hear any speech yet Brian was bale to hear what the mechanic said; a noisy ferry from el Port de Santa Maria de Cadiz, the church bells ringing, a concert hall, again he could quietly pass comment, unheard of in the past, car radio an absolute no no! Yet he could hear anything I said, oh and the telephone which was passed to me like a hot potato because he refused to even speak on it! Our children think he's either on his way to depart this world because there must be something important he wishes to say! Or else something fantastic has come over him??
The next text will be in the plane on our way to the UK. You have restored our faith in human nature via your technology, your skill and knowledge. Thank you very much, sounds inadequate, but is meant well. We really do appreciate your thoughtful after care service.

Mr & Mrs L.R-T Costa del Sol

I have been a customer/client of SONTEC for more than 10 years. During that time they have always been helpful, efficient and caring and I have recommended their service to friends. I am particularly pleased with my latest hearing aids which perform as claimed, the world is much clearer now.

Mrs L.H. Costa del Sol

Dear Alfonso, I wish to thank you for all your tolerance and understanding to me, having just received my first hearing aid at age 90 years old.

I am now enjoying a social life again, and can enter into conversation. I had become quite isolated and thought it was just "old age" until I got the hearing aids. It is so gradual you do not realise how withdrawn you become.

Now I'm enjoying life to the fullest extent. I thank you again.

J.M. Costa del Sol
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